Business Security

Don't let downtime ruin your productivity.

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Your network secured by us means you

  • Eliminate IT burdens – knowing your data and network are safe and protected on our watch
  • Perform at a higher level – knowing your business processes are on track
  • Boost productivity – consistent Technology support yields more uptime
  • Count on predictable costs – with flat-rate Technology services
  • Monitoring and Alerting – We keep a close eye on your systems, spotting problems many times before you are even aware of them

Protection Via The Cloud

  1. What Is Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)
    We call it ‘Wisdom of the Crowd.’ Each file gains a reputation from millions of computers connected to the KSN  

  2. Built-in security 

    Kaspersky has security intelligence built-in plus privacy controls help keep your data safe

  3. Always at the ready

    You’ll always be sure your systems are protected. Our software prevents epidemics and blocks the sources of infection in a matter of minutes.


Managed Backup

  • We're proactive about your security. During the roll-out stage of our managed security program, we comprehensively lock down your network from intruders.
  • Our award winning anti-virus and monitoring software work 'hand in hand' to keep us in the loop and we can step in if necessary.
  • Avoid IT downtime and lost productivity!  See our Booking page to schedule a time with a security expert.  Click here

Our advanced technology services remove the headache network maintenance from your business. Pricing from $199 per month.